This Shoe Trend is Picking Up In 2021 and TBH, We Can't Get Enough Of It

This Shoe Trend is Picking Up In 2021 and TBH, We Can't Get Enough Of It

The lockdown era has birthed a whole string of new normals - more online shopping, masks, sanitisers and a huge boom in comfort wear. Comfortable footwear has been making its rounds all over the world from influencers to celebrity politicians and fashionistas.

Flats have become the trendy “It” shoes now and you only have to look at the new shoes being released this season to see this. And you can’t get any more indulgent than the pinnacle of comfort in footwear - flats.

1. Khloe Braided Flats

In a time where almost everyone is staying home much more often, you no longer need footlong heels to make a statement in the street. Flats have often been a dilemma of styling, should I wear them with a flowy skirt or will a pair of pants do the trick? The Khloe Braided Flats is a pair of flats you’ll wish you found years ago.

Watch your usual go-to looks instantly refreshed & rehabbed thanks to the adorably well-detailed styling of this shoe. Other than the amazing fact that these are extremely easy to slip on and off, these flats will never take away anything from your outfit. Instead, it takes your sense of style & dials up the sophistication to the point of awe. Trust us, the devil has always been in the details and the close-toed design with the braided detail makes all the difference. You’ll be swearing by it in no time.

With a 0.25-inch block heel, it’ll feel like you just sunk into the most comfy sofa in your life by simply getting your feet into one of these. With Christy Ng shoes, there’s particular attention to comfort in all the places that matter. So you’ll be sashaying with a fresh new vibe and - exactly the way you imagined your look to be. Instead of ‘louder’ shoe designs that may seem like they’re a good idea but you’ll instantly change your mind the instant you slip your feet into them. It’s not easy to act the look when you’re spending most of your mental energy not looking out of place.

This is one shoe silhouette you’ll keep coming back to again & again just from how incredibly easy it is to style these with almost anything in your collection.

2. Yara Woven Mules

You’ve seen it everywhere and it’s still here for the season. What used to be considered boudoir & loungewear in the 17th century Europe is now in-style footwear that’s known best for just how flexible it is. Seriously, you can pull off everything from a casual street vibe to a fashionista.

Mules are a pair of footwear that’s commonly used only in the bedroom. Now that it’s evolved quite well into outdoor footwear, there’s easy-going energy to it that brings a special touch to any outfit.

Speaking of easy-going, this particular pair of mules have a unique & minimalist touch which makes it perfect for an interesting Parisian chic look. The effortless sense of style you see in French street fashion is exactly what the Yara Woven Mules nails. With its pointy toe silhouette & a woven design that adds a generous touch of class to the pair.

With a little twist, you can easily switch into an urban, glamour look with some hip jeans. That’s the cool thing about these mules, they’re just so versatile but glam at the same time. You could even go for a cosy outfit with some matching loose pieces with a skirt & maybe a blazer.

No matter your which outfit, you can always count on the Yara Woven Mules as it’s made to impress. Other than the signature vegan leather material, there’s another secret that makes these mules so addictive to wear. They come with padded insoles that bring new meaning to comfort & will have you wondering how you survived wearing anything that didn’t these babies. The outside is made with absorbent rubber that’s enduring so you’re free to pair these with every outfit you own.

3. Miriam Knotted Sliders

Knots are supposed to be a trend for cute shirts, skirts & dresses right? We took inspiration to bring the girl-next-door feel to another fashion staple that does just as much for your look - irresistibly cute sliders.

Ever wondered how some people just seem to get the elegant look all day 24/7? It’s like they had their own personal stylist & spent a fortune on solely a single type of look. And as much as it’s tempting to think they were born with a natural sense of elegance, the secret always lies in the accessories they style with the outfit. In a time where less is more, little things go a very long way.

After slipping on these Miriam Sliders, you’ll find yourself walking a little more upright, shoulders straighter, with your head tilted at just the right angle as the confidence starts pouring with surprising ease. And it’s because you know you’re pulling it off.

You hear it in every fashion Youtube video, style magazines & maybe even your own girlfriends, it’s all about the basics! Many times, we already have a ton of excellent pieces in our closet over the years but there’s just something missing.

That’s why quality flats are so important. Something like the Miriam Knotted Sliders is casual enough that it's perfect for almost every occasion but elegant enough to give you that polished, put-together look when you need it. Even if you’re someone who’s used to styling it up often, a pair of stylish sliders add a much-needed breath of fresh air to your wardrobe.

4. Kiara Woven Sliders

Sliders are a fashion fit that is not going away for a while, which brings us to our second slider feature on this list. Our mums would have rather locked us in than let us out of the house wearing something as casual as these but news flash mom, it’s 2021!

Comfortwear is the new trendy look and the Kiara Woven Sliders is as fashion-forward as it gets. With celebrities & artists sporting these flats in recent years, sliders have seen a very significant spike in shelves everywhere as women everywhere are embracing the dressed-down look.

And you won’t find a slider classier than the Kiara Wovens.

We added a textured touch to the classic slip-in design of a slider with a woven finish. Giving a sophisticated spin on the usual free & easy look on sliders. You won’t be doing much to bring out the inner graceful lady in you with a pair like these.

It’s also made with the 0.25 oversized block heel that’s been recently picking up in popularity so you can look chic, stylish & stable!

Creativity is your only limit with the Kiara Sliders, style it with a laidback formal fit if you have an informal workspace, or on a hot day out for something a little breezier & comfortable. If you’re feeling fancy, dress it up with a matching outfit to stand out.

5. Lilie Slip On Low Heel

Imagine leaning forward, seated with your legs crossed and in one of your fingers, a sexy slingback heel is being held up by the ankle strap with a fun pout. That’s the exact vibe you’ll be sporting with a pair of sassy pumps this chic.

It’s the jazzy pair of shoes that adds an exciting sting to any look. The pointed design with a quilted leather outer is the ultimate addition to any outfit you want to add a little spice to. It’s also the pair of shoes that you can dress in for a practical, carefree look with its convenient strap.

The Lilie Slip-On combines a comfortable low-heel design with the titillating look of the naked heel. With a slingback that keeps your foot tucked in & safely strapped, it makes for an excellent daytime shoe choice and easily doubles up as the perfect night-out shoe by fitting it with a stunning dress for something more alluring.

If you’ve been looking for ways to lean into an edgy look while keeping things civilized, you’ll never find something as fitting as these Slip-Ons. It makes for an excellent statement piece with a polished, preppy look. It also strikes a wonderful balance between the glam of the look of heels with the relaxing comfort of a slip-on, which sort of makes them a must-have for the urban woman going into 2021.

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