"The Historical Codes of Adventure"

Christy Ng present its most recent collaboration with DHL — a global leader in the logistics industry. The collection is engineered to withstand weather in every setting: from urban environments to the great outdoors. These goods were specifically created for your protection from the elements and are activity-inspired. Whether you're climbing the muddy peaks or enduring a soggy commute, you can go out with assurance knowing that every stitch in your gear was strategically placed to offer maximum adaptability.


The collection also aims to highlights the diversity of human experiences with the outdoors: cold, warmth and humidity; and danger.


DHL traverses the world to bring your packages to you, through rain or sunshine. Inspired by DHL’s commitment to deliver: The collection investigates the notions of the valorous and the reinterpretation of the historical codes embedded within designer streetwear. This collection focuses on an adventurer-esque aesthetic — emulating that youthful valour one typically associates with it. We want to bring you a taste of the breeze on the sierras, the pulse of the flowing rivers; into your daily routines.


Get ready to #PaintTheStreetsYellow once again with the new #DHLxChristyNg Collection, dropping Dec 9.


Christy Ng X DHL Parka & Backpack



Christy Ng X DHL PU Cardholder



Christy Ng X DHL Parka, Grocery Tote & Mini Grocery Tote



Christy Ng X DHL Parka



Christy Ng X DHL Mini Grocery Tote



Christy Ng X DHL Tote Bag



Christy Ng X DHL Mini Grocery Tote Bag (With Personalisation)



Christy Ng X DHL Varsity Jacket



Christy Ng X DHL Backpack (With Personalisation)



Christy Ng X DHL Thermo Bottle



Christy Ng X DHL Varsity Jacket



Christy Ng X DHL Varsity Jacket & Backpack



Christy Ng X DHL Grocery Tote & Mini Grocery Tote



Christy Ng X DHL PU Lanyard



Christy Ng X DHL Tote Bag



Christy Ng X DHL Medium Tote Bag (With Personalisation)



Christy Ng X DHL Slider



Christy Ng X DHL Parka (With Personalisation)




Christy Ng + DHL Parka

USD 65


Christy Ng + DHL Varsity Jacket

USD 59


Christy Ng + DHL Backpack

USD 55


Christy Ng + DHL Tote Bag

USD 49


Christy Ng + DHL Medium Tote Bag

USD 36


Christy Ng + DHL Thermo Bottle

USD 19

Christy Ng + DHL Slider

USD 25


Christy Ng + DHL Grocery Tote

USD 15


Christy Ng + DHL Mini Grocery Tote

USD 12


Christy Ng + DHL PU Card Holder

USD 22


Christy Ng + DHL PU Lanyard

USD 22



Inspired by the courier service that delivers every day, this collection is our homage to all DHL employees who are always there for us, rain or shine!


We share the same commitment to strive for a consistent balance between ecology, economy and society.


We want to do better for our planet by reducing the usage of single use plastic one small step at a time. The future is sustainability and we want to keep it affordable.


DHL’s Iconic Post Yellow is once again the core of this collection. Yellow also radiates joy and self-expression, a message we value dearly at Christy Ng. The red accents featured in the collection are a representation of valor, and to a certain extend the dangers that come with it — a reminder to exercise caution whenever traversing unfamiliar environments.


The final colour is a classic — black. This colour exudes power and timelesness, while also symbolically referencing strength, elegance and sophistication of nostalgic memoirs (masterpieces).


This combination of colours eludes to a sense of stylish cool — a modern debonair; An unapologetically brave soul that charges into the world of danger and the new in hopes of achieving one's dreams.


“Pursuit of the Dream; on Heels”

At the beginning, there was light. And ridicule. And failure.


Be it by friends, industry players, or worse, family. They have mocked this dream of mine—to make a pair of shoes so beautiful and comfortable that every woman will fall in love with it; and not have to break the bank for it.


“You have no experience,” they said. “Or money.”


They weren’t wrong. I had neither of them. But this mission of mine wasn’t just something I wanted to do; it was something I ought to. I have been wearing shoes that have cause my feet so much pain that I grew calluses.


Women deserve better.


So, through hard work and resilience, Christy Ng was born—along with the shoes I’ve dreamt so dearly of. The Christy Ng story is about liberation and empowerment—imploring all women out there to chase your dreams, regardless of how far-fetched or distant they may seem right now. It’s about passion and determination to pursue something that means the world to you, deep within the recesses of you heart; the very core of your being.