About Us –


Christy Ng Shoes aims to fill the gaps in the shoe market for the need of comfortable and stylish footwear for Asian women. From Christy’s personal experience of having to purchase shoes with of inferior quality because of the price tag, she has made it her focus is to design shoes that are comfortable, affordable, and fashionable.


We have come a long way since 2012 where we started as a small business in a living room making women’s footwear. We have grown from our first store in 1Utama in 2016 to 7 stores across Malaysia and an e-Commerce platform which serves a global audience. With customization & personalization being synonymous with our brand’s DNA, we have extended our expertise to women’s handbags which complement our footwear collection.


Our design philosophy celebrates longevity and quality. We want to create collections which are relevant, products which have meaning and a story. We hope our dreams and aspirations will inspire and empower more women around the world. Our size may have changed but our vision remains the same – to create fashionable, functional, high quality products which you and I would love!

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The interlocking CN is an abbreviation for Christy Ng and the structural-like silhouette is inspired by copper pipes which is also a huge part of Christy’s childhood and family history where she grew up helping her father where copper pipes were an integral part of his air conditioning business. The lines in the CN symbol are stylized in an interlocking 3 dimensional manner. When the interlocking CN emblems are repeated across the canvas, it forms a lattice structure which represents continuous improvement and strive of the women carrying the CN emblem - the courage to pursue your dreams no matter how far they seem to be. The eponymous monogram combined with vibrant colors is what distinguishes the brand and makes it highly desirable.