7 Trend-Forward Basics Every Woman Needs in 2021

7 Trend-Forward Basics Every Woman Needs in 2021

Staying Style-Conscious With The Right Basics for 2021

Bring your fashion to new heights with these basics this 2021. Accidentally sporting a bag or shoe that’s been out of style for almost a decade can stick out like a sore thumb.

Accessories are what differentiates you from someone across the street and you’ll leave out a world of possibilities without having at least a few trendy basics handy.

1. Silvia Woven Hobo Bag

Accessories always make the look. The right bag or shoe can be the difference between a dull look and looking fabulous. And an accessory that's making the cut for 2021 is the classy Silvia Woven Hobo Bag.

Made with the classy aesthetic of the Christy Ng's Woven Collection and taking a page from the boho handbook - this flowy piece is a wardrobe must-have.

What happens when a shimmery clutch is a little too loud but you still want to make a statement?

The Silvia Woven Hobo is an excellent choice for an instant makeover into a top-of-the-line boho vibe no matter your outfit. The finely woven weave pattern also gives the bag just the right amount of sophistication to the bag's classic crescent shape. Pair it with a flowy dress to go all out for the look or simply add the bag onto a formal, office fit for a pinch of casualness.

It's also crafted with spacious internal compartments so useful, you might be addicted to bringing this everywhere you go. All of the compartments have been meticulously crafted to fit all your daily items without the hassle. It also comes with a handy slip pocket and a secure zip pocket to keep your things in harmonious order.

And depending on your outfit, the top handle strap can easily be removed and replaced with a slim shoulder strap that’s fitted with a customizable length to suit your look of the day.

2. Khloe Braided Flats

How did a pair of flats make it into a list for trendy basics?

It’s because you’ve never had flats that are stylish and fit so comfortable, you'll practically be wearing these every single day. Flats are meant to be no-frills footwear but with a pair like these, you'll be pulling off fashion-forward looks with every outfit you own. They're perfect for virtually all occasions.

Pair it with a lightly pleated skirt or a denim mini skirt for figure-complimenting street style with a feminine touch. Wear them with skinny jeans for a sleek, streamlined finish to your look, perfect for a dinner party or a quick coffee run.

It's made with a pointy toe design that compliments your outfit and doesn't draw away any attention from your outfits. The toe area has also been made to be as cosy as possible so this might also be the comfiest pair of slip-ins you’ve ever worn. (It has an extremely breathable microfibre lining.) The Khloe Braided Flats sports a braided strap detail and sits comfortably on a 0.25-inch block heel. Adding a tinge of personality & intrigue to your look while keeping the whole casual vibe intact.

3. Corey Quilted Mules

The mules have been my favourite in 2020 & are set to be around for much longer in 2021.

Coming straight from Christy Ng’s Quilted Collection, it's a pair that does the impossible. The Corey Quilted Mules gives you that fashion-forward, urban look that's going to turn heads everywhere you go while keeping your feet super comfy.

The Mules are designed to nestle your toes in the comfort of a spongy, quilted, close-toed upper which is made with sustainable, vegan leather. It straddles the line between class & comfort so well, you’ll just walk differently in these.

It comes with chunky 3-inch heels giving you plenty of support so you won't just look fabulous, but you'll be loving every second of it. Just like a gorgeous pair of heels or pumps, wearing a pair of mules instantly raises the bar. They make your posture look great & does a great job at highlighting your legs no matter your figure.

It also helps that they have a you-have-definitely-have-it-together look making these excellent for work settings (or dates!). Pairing them with a midi skirt, cropped pants or a little denim adds an additional flair to your outfit for more casual settings. There's a special sense of elegance to the right pair of mules when combined with an everyday outfit. If you’ve been looking for a piece that keeps you looking good any day of the week without sacrificing class, this is it.

4. Emie Minimalist Backpack

Backpacks are back in vogue & we have just the thing. The Emie Minimalist Backpack is a stylish piece with a seamless look. And this will probably be the cutest pair of backpacks you’ve ever owned that you'll actually use on the daily.

The problem with adorable backpacks is that you can't really use them anywhere. It's supposed to be a backpack after all, not an overstyled micro handbag.

The practicality of the Emie Minimalist is unmatched. Get this, it’s designed with a frame that's structured to fit your daily use. Finished with a squared-off bucket silhouette and a tapered top flap that's attached with a strong magnetic closure. There’s enough space in this bag to be used everywhere so this is basically the backpack of the year.

And of course, we made sure to keep the straps & handles as functional as possible. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable with gorgeous gold-tone buckles at the bottom of the bag. And it's tailored well enough you can carry it around with its top handle too. Because what’s the point of an aesthetic bag if it's a workout simply bringing it around. It’s the kind of bag that practically organizes your day for you & sends you off about your day with a runway-worthy look.

You’ll definitely be making an impression wearing this almost anywhere with it’s carefully crafted minimalist traits that makes it suitable for school, a picnic or even work. It also has a statement-making designer aesthetic that is bound to steal looks from everyone around you.

5. Skylar Heels

They say heels are a woman’s best friend and the Skylar Heels is an undeniable testament of that. You’ll pretty much be on your way to ruling the world in these in no time thanks to the careful crafting of the Skylar. It has a cushy fully padded sole for the footbed and a comfortable and adjustable ankle strap.

This foxy pair of ankle-strapped, peep-toe heels are just what you need for glamming up your holiday look. Coming in with a 3.5" inch heel with zero platforms, it’s designed to make you look like a total natural.

Prepare to turn heads the moment you step out of the house. This is a pair of heels that's sensual and safe for work. The Skylar Heels accentuates your legs and adds to your visual length with virtually any outfit. Pair it with a formal outfit for a professional but bold look or with a skirt for an added confidence in your stride while running your errands.

6. Drew Strappy Sliders

You know it, I know it, we know it, sliders & other comfortable footwear have become the new cool with recent events. And coming in as one of the top fashion-forward looks are the exciting Drew Strappy Sliders.

This gives the evening look a whole new makeover with these irresistibly vogue-like straps with a comfortable quilt finish. Easy to slip on & very easy to style with too! The colours & hues the Drew comes might overhaul your entire 2021 look by adding a lot more flats with all of your outfits this season.

Especially with these slim, crossover straps that make your feet look like you’re fresh off the runway. You’ll be turning heads everywhere you go on your day-to-day as you effortlessly pull off the relaxed look while still managing to look enticingly on-trend - and still feel magnificently comfortable thanks to the signature vegan leather by Christy Ng!

7. Averyl Micro Satchel Bag

Satchel bags are coming back in 2021 and the more modern takes on satchel bags are making this street style newcomer a must-have. The Avery Satchel is the most iconic from the Christy Ng’s latest classic satchel collection as it’s the smallest addition thus far.

There’s no denying that satchel bags are about as ladylike as you can get. Spacious enough to fit the essentials & more, but not big enough to be confused as to your gym bag.

Think about it, you’re headed to an event or a gathering & you’re not really looking to get loud but you still need something for your wallet, phone & the basics - and still looking sexy. The Avery Micro Satchel is the ultimate ‘it’ bag, keeping you chic & elegant from weddings the day time all the way to nightfall without much effort.

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