Yep, This Might Be The New Colour Trend for 2021

Yep, This Might Be The New Colour Trend for 2021

Brown Takes Over As Colour of The Year

Heads up, there’s a new trending colour in town and it’s taking over the fashion scene one shoe at a time (& handbags of course). Say what you will about colour trends but the colour brown is taking over the streets and we like what we see!

Building Your Own Collection From The Ground Up

The recent rise of fits lately in different shades of brown is no coincidence. Some call it a result of a larger move towards the no-makeup, natural trend or our newfound passion with the basic, uncomplicated looks. But there is no denying that the colour has a bold sense of elegance.

As brown quickly becomes the new black, here’s a survival guide for stocking your own wardrobe with all the must-haves in this fabulous colour this year!

1. Alison Weaved Mules

Almost nothing compares to the timeless appeal of a gorgeous pair of mules. Especially when it’s available in 3 gorgeous shades of colour of the year - desert brown, chestnut brown & caramel.

Combine that with the dynamite elegance from the weaved straps, and you have the ultimate statement piece footwear. Shoes are often dulled out with a design that’s diluted & mass-duplicated in countless variants. So even the slightest bit of novelty can make an impression which is exactly what the Alison Woven Mules offers.

And if you’re a woman of class, we have good news because these intricately handwoven straps are as artisanal as you can get with modern footwear. Plus, it goes well with a vast array of fits that you’ll be getting the ‘sophisticated’ look down in no time.

Having a rich colour like brown as part of your yearly staples brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to your style. In-trend & classy colours - brown tones in this case - adds a new dimension to your look and effectively place you in the ‘fashionista’ category. You’ll be turning heads in every room you enter with looks of wonder.

2. Amara Braided Mules

The Amara Braided Mules are yet another masterpiece pair of mules that just has to be in your collection. Don’t be tricked by the bold puffed up straps as they’re particularly easy to style. It comes with a sleek 2.5-inch block heel and a surprisingly slim silhouette.

Made to model the classic slip-in mules which - back in the day - had quite the seductive appeal. Since it was made to be worn specifically indoors as comfort footwear. And it's also designed with an irresistible foot-hugging fit.

This means it gives you all the benefits of emphasizing your natural leg line. It also gives your figure that flattering finish which we have so much trouble finding for in shoes these days.

And the best part is that they feel good too! Once your feet slip into one of these, you’ll never want to take it off thanks to its seriously comfortable make. There was plenty of care that went into the crafting of the leather straps and the soles. These mules cuddle your feet in just the right way that you’re going to constantly keep coming back to these time after time.

What more could you ask for? It’s figure-flattering, comfortable & stylish enough to be a statement piece but without screaming for attention.

3. Ari Quilted Sliders

These flats are the pair of shoes you never knew you needed. And once you have them, you’ll be wondering how you went so long without a fashion-forward pair of square-toed sliders.

Everyone knows nailing the right outfits is all about the details. The additional loose piece of shirt untucked, the subtle handbag that’s in a trending design, and the right shoe. They all matter when it comes to getting the right look down.

Just because the minimalist wave is exceedingly new & recent, that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be here for a good long while. And the square-toes are the missing, perfect piece to your flawless collection.

Trust us, we get how intimidating it can be to get the entire look sorted out especially when it's a deceivingly simple one like the minimalist look. This is why it comes in several different seriously-easy-to-pair neutral hues that make it all the easier to match & rock the fit! Now couple that with the fact that it comes in these hues come in the form of different tones of brown, and you’re officially looking at the footwear of the year.

4. Lisbon Canvas Laptop Bag

If you carry your laptop around frequently enough and you’ve been storing it in abnormally fitting handbags that aren’t made for a laptop? It’s high time for a change.

We’re sure nobody ever noticed the slightly out-of-place bulge in your bag every time you step out of the house.

But take just a minute to imagine, slinging this canvas messenger bag along your body & as you go about your day, everyone seems to pay just a little more attention to you. What makes it all the more satisfying is because you know they’re in awe and your only switch was getting this bag!

The X factor with messenger bags lies in the very fact that it’s not a backpack or a handbag. It’s unique and in this day and age, that wins you a ton of brownie points already. And remember, we’re into the colour of the year here. So combining the novelty of a canvas bag with the earthy tones of brown gives you an unmistakable preppy look that’s also clean & stylish.

5. Janet Handbag

If you’re looking for a timeless showstopper that’s perfect for every occasion, this is it. The Janet handbag has a stunning presence on your body while still keeping things graceful. It’s made with a size that’s not so large that it drowns your whole fit but it’s elegant enough to still make an impression.

Looking posh will be an understatement with its soft, pebbled microfiber material. It adds a texture that not only lifts your whole look five notches higher but adds sophistication too. The visual appeal of the bag also gains an automatic upgrade when you get in the trendy colour variants - clay brown, caramel & desert brown.

The bag comes with a clean gold finish and a low-rolled handle that makes looking classy completely & utterly effortless. Plus, it’s made for the modern woman which means it’s also about the most versatile bag you’ve ever laid your hands on. The Janet is tailored with a stylish detachable and adjustable shoulder strap to suit your look of the day. Whether that’s business casual, street chic, or downright exclusive with an all-out haute couture look. And being modern also means that it’s also practical with its design. It comes with 2 open compartments and a handy zip-able slot for safekeeping of all your belongings without worry.

6. Emery Pointy Mules

If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping piece that always steals the crowd everywhere you go, look no further.

The Emery Pointy Mules does the trick without risking the usual statement piece mistakes. And it's flexible enough that it will suit every taste, occasion & personality. It won't matter if you're getting ready for a productive workday or a simple date night. These better-than-heels alternatives are going to be your best go-to’s you’ll have. Perfect for when you need to dress it up but can’t afford to overthink things.

Here’s a secret no one tells you about mules that go well with almost every fit in your wardrobe - it never gets boring. Especially when you’re dealing with a pair that comes with a very specific detail like the V-cut vamp. Which gives an alluring yet attractive complement for your legs, and your whole look by extension!

Don’t be fooled by the low heels as it’s essentially made to give you that glamorous punch. But still keeping comfort front and centre because it doesn’t matter how high your platforms are if you can’t keep a straight face. You’ll be wishing you had a pair of these years ago once you feel the delicate touch of the breathable microfiber lining on your skin.

7. Dylan Mules

Sometimes you just have to dial down the complexity factor and get down to basics by keeping it simple. In essence, it’s a sin to spend more than an hour on how you look because some days just call for a more carefree approach.

And keeping it simple doesn’t mean you have to cut back on how you look, oh no!

That’s where the gorgeous staples like the Dylan Mules come in. It’s the perfect pair whether you’re a beginner just getting into the whole fashion game or a seasoned pro. This is a pair of mules that belongs in every wardrobe.

Less is more is the mantra, and the trick with that is to make every single piece count. If you’re layering it up with a simple scarf or blazer with a matching brown tone, slipping the Dylans will always give you that chic finish. on days where you’re going for an all-matching monochrome look.

Two soft puffed up straps hug your feet in just the right way that it accents your look without leaving your feet too naked. It’s the perfect amount of detail and the right amount of style. Whether you want to dress it down with a pair of jeans or class it up with a formal look, the Dylan Mules will always make you shine.

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