From Work to Drinks: These Basics Can Be Worn Virtually Anywhere

From Work to Drinks: These Basics Can Be Worn Virtually Anywhere

Consider Your Days of Rushing Home to Change Permanently Over

Imagine having your wardrobe stocked full of work outfits that you easily go out in & still be looking like a stunner. It’s no secret that we all lead incredibly busy lives - bustling to and from meetings & appointments - to the point of skipping breakfast most mornings. The secret lies in pulling together the right pieces!

1. Daniela Tote Bag Set

It’s the perfect set, don the Tote Bag to work in the morning, & use the Cross Body pouch when you’re heading for your night out or evening dinner. Coming in with the seasons trendiest colours which come in a convenient palette that easily complements your outfits. No matter what shades your wardrobe is filled with, you’re bound to find the perfect combination with our colour choices like Navy, Tan, Puce & Blush!

And although the whole Daniela Set is obviously crafted to impress, it was also made with immense practicality in mind. You’ll be getting the best of both worlds with the Tote Bag as it’s designed with the runway & elegance in mind while still maintaining the amazing utility of a large bag. This means you won’t have to worry about looking like a grandma and still be pulling off drop-dead gorgeous fits.

This ultra-practical bag set is made from textured vegan leather and consists of a handy cardholder as well. The tote bag comes with 2 internal slip pockets and a zip pocket to store and organize your smaller belongings. The large crossbody pouch can be used hands-free with the detachable shoulder strap. Easily organize and store your coins, cash and cards with the cardholder that comes in this set.

2. Piper Slip In Mules

Sometimes it’s not about the clothes but how you feel when you’re about to head out. And the Christy Ng’s Piper Slip In Mules balance just the right amount of classy and casual.

If you’re worried about being physically there with your loved ones or friends during dinner but still have your mind back in the office, that won’t be an issue. These slip ins are going to easily help you get out of your laptop & office whiteboards with its unique make. These mules are particularly appealing with their backless nature & the minimal peep-toe design but it’s also designed to instantly elevate your office look with its smart & chic cut.

If you’re new to Mules, then you’re in for an adventure as there’s an endless array of matching possibilities with backless mules. And the confidence boost you get from strutting in a pair of mules will mean you’ll be constantly putting together outfits to remember & rotating them frequently.

Handcrafted locally from soft vegan leather, this pair of slip-on sits on geometric 3 inch low heels. These mules come with microfiber lining and a padded footbed for comfort that lasts you all day long. You can also complement the trendy shades of these slip in mules with a glossy pedicure!

3. Maida Strappy Low Heels

The problem with office-appropriate outfits is that there is almost always a lack of variety. It’s not uncommon to go on a shopping trip for work looks and come back to finding your haul being painfully muted with the colours & options.

It’s work after all!

Inserting unique picks like the breathtaking Maida Low Heels into your work outfit rotations can be the much-needed breath of fresh air to your closet. It’s the magical fairy dust to kickstarting your inner high-end fashion stylist and start crafting celebrity looks from pieces you already own!

Handcrafted from vegan leather in a minimalistic design, the Maida Low Heels are simple and truly versatile. The slim crisscross straps comfortably wrap your feet while creating an attractive leg-lengthening effect. This slip-in strappy style sits on a curvy 2.5-inch block heel that provides lift without compromising on comfort and support. The neutral hues of these strappy heels match easily with any of our bags.

And don’t get us started on the sophisticated strappy design on the front, if the word ‘timeless’ had a picture as a definition in the dictionary, you’d see these exact low heels right up top. If you’re going to head out somewhere fun right after work, sporting a pair with a grownup design that’s this classy will have you looking like you put a ton of thought into your outfits (even though all you did was get a pair of Christy Ngs!).

4. Kaylee Mules

This pick for all the ladies working in offices with casual dress codes. Your issue is far from having a lack of choices, instead, all of your brainpower is going to go into standing out & trying to make it look like you’re not rotating the same picks day in and day out.

And the amazing thing about having a pair of stunning basics in your collection is its flexibility. The Kaylee Mules are made to be undying with its use with an everlasting aesthetic no matter what you pair it with or the occasion. It’s going to fit the look whether you’re wearing a pair of pants or a flowy dress. Handcrafted from vegan leather, this design is based on the classic slip in mule silhouette with A ruched upper.

This elegantly rounded square toe look is set on 3-inch heels that are slightly curved for a sculptural touch. This means you won’t have to worry a single second about discomfort & pain, which is usually the case. Mark our words, you’ll be treasuring this pair for seasons to come & constantly be coming back to it. You could call it our little secret, where we don’t just deliver the elegance, but we also keep you feeling safe & comfortable like you’re wearing a pair of flats.

The Christy Ngs Kaylee Mules are always made to be in vogue & stylish with it’s design so you’ll be getting the benefit of having a runway look with the upclass ruched pattern. The repeating pattern of the ruffle & pleats of the outer definitely makes for a striking look. It’s the pair that doesn’t shout but subtly speaks volumes with its dazzling simplicity.

5. Mae Pochette Shoulder Bag

If you’re looking for a look that doesn’t spell out boring especially in professional settings, then you might want to consider going compact. The Christy Ng Mae Pochette Shoulder Bag ensures you’ll always be equipped to the tee & staying well-accessorized no matter what your workday is going to bring.

The challenge with handbags and work is being able to pull it off without looking like you’re about to go on a backpacking trip. And the Mae Pochette Shoulder Bag is perfect for that.

Wait, what about all my other stuff?

Who says you have to follow the rules, dash in a little creativity and add in a little variety to your pieces. Simply get a seriously practical tote bag or bucket bag from one of our collections here. While the Mae Pochette Shoulder Bag does the heavy lifting when you’re going to and fro in between meetings, meals, and when you’re done with work!

Shoulder bags are about the closest thing you get as the ultimate answer to the office-to-drinks conundrum. They’re modest enough to be perfect for the workplace but still looks like you have a sky-dining appointment with the rest of your crew.

Plus, we put a lot of attention on our bags - specifically with the details, stitches, material and overall workmanship. In short, this is a lasting bag that’s not going to give out after a handful of uses.

6. Colby Handbag

Okay, but what if you don’t have to lug around 2 laptops, a thick jacket and an extra change of clothes?

But you still need a little more space in your lady bag without compromising your awe-inspiring fashion sense. Well, then the Colby Handbag fits the bill on the dot. No doubt you’ve probably seen a bag like this while looking for daily inspiration on your Instagram feed and that wouldn’t be a surprise.

When you’re shopping with Christy Ng’s, you’re basically getting the top looks of the year in the most versatile (& amazingly comfortable!) designs of the season.

Made from soft, textured vegan leather, the roomy Colby Handbag comes with a pair of slim top handles with a remarkably useful detachable strap. This adorable top handle bag comes with a stable gold feet to keep the base spotless from scratches. It opens to a spacious twill lining with a zip pocket to keep your small items organized.

So it’s obviously an easy go-to as a workplace accessory but what about when you’re out of the office? This is where the unmatched versatility of the Colby handbag comes in with its adjustable shoulder strap.

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