These 6 Shoes Will Literally Go With Everything You Own

These 6 Shoes Will Literally Go With Everything You Own

Footwear Essentials Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Shoes that can be worn numerous times and still never going out of style are to be treasured. Good staple pieces that we can fall back on any day is something we all need in our lives. Whether you’re in a morning dash, or simply stumped on deciding what to wear every time you step out of the house, having a reliable rotation of essentials can be just the X factor you need to effectively jazz up your entire look for the whole of 2021.

1. Reyna Mules

Christy Ng's Reyna Mules will be your go-to shoes this season. It’s designed to go incredibly well with any of your outfits. Styled with the season’s top trending puffed-up straps finish, the pair sits elegantly on a 1.5-inch block heel that provides lift without sacrificing on comfort. With the Reyna Mules, you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it too. You’ll seamlessly be able to match these Mules with virtually anything you have while keeping you impeccably in touch with the season’s trending style.

If you’ve ever found yourself asking “what are the shoes that go with everything?” The answer, as you’ll find, will often bring you back to the sensual mules. Mules are some of the best choices of footwear to look out for when building out a capsule wardrobe as you can always rely on your essentials to pull all your pieces together with a seriously gorgeous bow right on top.

These convenient slip-in mules are intricately handmade with care from ultra-soft vegan leather - keeping you on the pulse of the latest trends and still playing your vital part in keeping the earth green (& keeping fashion sustainable, as it should be!). This means you’ll be strutting around with some of the most luxuriously soft materials hugging your feet with every step and keeping you on the top of your game at every second of the day - no matter the occasion.

2. Alexa Chunky Low Heel

Sometimes fashion calls for an additional layer of sophistication that in some days - we just don’t have the energy or willpower for! This calls for a statement piece that doesn’t just blend extremely well with every top, blouse, blazer, jeans & bag you own - but also something that says you know what you’re doing.

The Alexa Chunky Low Heels does this exceedingly well with the square front of this strappy heel that comes with soft edges for a feminine touch to this edgy look. It sits on a 2-inch Chunky heel which elevates your look without being over the top.

Christy Ng's Alexa Chunky Low Heel takes on all of this season's trending shades from Lilac. Sage Green to Custard Yellow. A classic chunky low heel can make any outfit look good, polished, and drop-dead gorgeous. It’s the kind of footwear that basically defines flexibility. Think you can’t pair an edgy piece with flowy, effeminate dresses & skirts? The Alexas will have you doubting your opinions on statement pieces as they work amazing to bring any look presentable with a fun flair!

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re super comfy to wear as it’s made with soft vegan leather and a microfiber lining which means there won’t be any stumbling around in heels or plastering up high-heel blisters.

3. Luisa Slingback Pumps

Yet another statement piece that somehow straddles the casual & cool department impressively well. The Christy Ng's Luisa Slingback Pump is an updated take on the timeless slingback style which is making a very well-received comeback. It’s the kind of shoes that can easily be a stunning add-on for a cocktail party while still being an excellent casual OOTD on a nice Sunday afternoon with a pair of boyfriend jeans & sunglasses.

First of all, the slingbacks are already made to be the ultimate choice - just because of its very nature of being a slingback! It’s literally a type of footwear with a secure strap that encloses the backs & sides of your ankles in just the right way. So you won’t even need to spare a second thought towards the slightest concern of hobbling over in these.

The best part is that the Luisa Slingback Pumps takes everything that’s amazing about casual shoes and combines it astonishingly well with formal business attire. It literally takes your traditional pumps and adds on an extra layer of convenience and practicality (& style). What more could you ask for in a statement piece?

They’re handcrafted from vegan leather in a pointy toe silhouette and set on a 3.5-inch sculptural heel that adds sophistication to this classic look. The padded footbed of these slingback pumps makes them a chic all-day choice for both work and play.

4. Piper Slip In Mules

The cool thing about Mules is its sensual backless nature that’s incredibly subtle and perfectly flies under the radar of being ‘out-there’. This also means it’s incredibly versatile as a footwear due to its unbelievable ease of use as a pair of slip-ins. You’ll be walking differently from the very moment you slip your feet into these every morning before heading off to work or a meeting.

It has a peep-toe design that doesn't risk 'overexposing' much skin and makes it a professional workplace must-have with its undeniable touch of style. The Piper Slip In's are the ultimate fix if you're looking for a clean, minimalist look. It’s also casual enough that it gives off the impression that you barely tried but it doesn't scream out boring either.

Which ultimately makes the Piper Slip Ins one of the best pair of mules to own in your wardrobe.

Christy Ng's Piper Slip In Mules is designed with a classic style that you can rely on for many seasons and the pair sits on geometric 3-inch low heels. The sleek look makes for a really good minimalist choice. One-off trends will always come and go but the style you carry yourself in and express your personality with is the wow factor that never fails to take your look to the next level.

And with minimalist fashion, consistency is key. This means having a consistent array of choices to choose from without deviating too far from the core DNA of your look.

5. Kaylee Mules

The ruched upper design of the Kaylee Mules makes it a pair with a special everlasting aesthetic. Taking a page from the high fashion handbook, less is always more with being able to pull off sophisticated looks that somehow seem like it didn’t take any effort. We took that element and integrated it with the seamless comfort of a pair of Christy Ng’s - giving you the best of both worlds.

The Christy Ng’s Kaylee Mules are the type of shoes you could style for all occasions and still suit formal environments like in offices with casual dress codes. What’s important in a wardrobe that’s centred around versatility is having a stunning selection of basics.

Its design is based on the gorgeous slip in mule silhouette with a rounded square toe look that’s set on 3-inch heels which brings classy to new heights. Dressing classy doesn’t mean you have to blow the bank for a month’s worth of pieces but it’s also an attitude. And with that attitude, the Kaylee Mules is the perfect complement to your classy look.

The cut of the shoe is especially flattering for your figure as we paid special attention to detail of every angle of the footwear. Dressing elegantly doesn’t just mean dressing simple, but it’s also about the quality of items you style.

6. Corey Quilted Mules

The Corey Quilted Mules is one of our personal favourites from the Christy Ng’s quilted collection as it’s one of the pairs that exudes a vogue yet modest vibe. It’s one of those pieces that just melts into a few categories at once - which makes it stand out on a whole league of its own.

A simple glance from a passer-by or a next-door colleague is sufficient to communicate the fabulous, put-together look which gets people talking & taking a significant mental note on emulating your very style! And like we mentioned earlier, donning something with a sky-high price tag doesn’t automatically make you look cute but the capacity of the wearer in expressing their personal sense of style from a core selection of essential pieces.

And we all know the feeling of having every single piece dialled in - all except the finishing piece! You have it all down from head to toe, but you’re just missing that magical end-touch to your look, which is often the footwear’s role. And owning an exquisitely flexible pair as the Corey Quilted Mules will definitely have everyone you know still talking about you long after you left the room.

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