6 Elegant Essentials Practically Made for the Workplace

6 Elegant Essentials Practically Made for the Workplace

Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Needs for Work

Work outfits are the modern-day woman's nightmare. With every new job, comes the dreaded experience of shopping for new work clothes. From the lack of excitement in choices to the sky-high price tags, and the repetitive cuts & designs.

So we compiled a guide on essentials to start building your own capsule wardrobe just for work!

1. Piper Slip In Mules

These have an open-toe design so these are more appropriate if you have a more casual dress code in your workplace. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the suave elegance of the right pair of mules. The Piper Slip In Mules is designed with a classy, timeless style that's going to be wardrobe-worthy for months to come no matter the trend of the season. With a peep-toe design that doesn't 'overexpose' the feet which make for an incredibly professional look with an undeniable touch of style.

One of the biggest concerns with shopping for work outfits is the constant mental arguments on whether it's too much, too sexy, too casual & many other thoughts. The Piper Slip In's are the ultimate fix if you're looking for a clean, minimalist look. You'll be strutting to and from meetings with a special air of confidence knowing just how elegant these pairs make you look. Plus, it doesn't look like you're dressed for Sunday brunch but doesn't scream out boring either.

And you won't have to worry a single second about any discomfort especially since mules are backless. These Slip In's are handcrafted locally from the finest vegan leather available and sit on geometric 3 inch low heels. They also come with a microfiber lining and a padded footbed for comfort that lasts you all day long. You'll be able to stand in these for as long as you have to & longer without a thought to whether your shoes are comfortable enough.

2. Daria Pleated Mules

And here’s another pair of mules for more formal workplaces that don’t allow for peep-toes. The beautiful thing about mules is how timeless they can be especially if you want to make an impression in the workplace. Even though mules are supposed to be slightly more risque with their backless design, the secret is all in the design. And the Daria Pleated Mules are about the best pairs you can come close to thanks to their modern & classy make.

Another easy mistake to fall into when shopping for work outfits are the piece selections. When shopping for specific articles of clothes, it can be tempting to go on a streak of statement pieces. This bleeds into the major problem of how on earth you're supposed to put together all these different pieces together in the morning. It's going to take a ton of time, mental energy and suck the living excitement out of you even before your first workday. A smarter option is to opt for a slew of timeless, trendy basics that you can easily put together with one eye close no matter how exhausted you are in the morning.

Even if you're trying to go for something a little flashier, you'd have to start with the basics anyway!

The pleated fabric is made with a padded insole and a 3.5-inch curvy heel which all makes for an experience that offers elevation with comfort.

3. Luisa Slingback Pumps

Christy Ng's Luisa Slingback Pump is an updated take on the classic slingback style. Unlike slip-ons, these help attach the shoe more securely to your feet. It's handcrafted from vegan leather in a pointy toe silhouette with comfortable microfiber lining & a padded insole which makes these perfect for effortless all-day wear.

Styling for the workplace means you'll be opting for clean & professional over fancy schmancy so there's a good chance you're going to end up underdressing. Which means there's often room for pieces with designs that are a little more mature. After all, having a style that's on point makes for only one part of the equation. When you're in the workplace & frequently encounter superiors & competent colleagues, even a little bit of complexity can go a long way.

The Luisa Slingbacks are set on 3.5-inch sculptural heels that add perfect sophistication to this modern look. So if you've been trying to shoot for a more grownup look without sacrificing on style, then you've found them. First impressions matter after all especially if this is the first time you'll be meeting a client or need something urgently from another department.

These look amazing with almost any pair of office pants & other essentials which means half of your outfits are practically thought for ahead of time just because you already have your shoes figured out.

4. June Tote bag

We've all been there, carrying our handbag, and hauling 2 other bags for laptops and other stuff. Finding a good-looking bag that also doubles up as an appropriate bag in terms of actual useability by being able to fit all of your daily carry-ons & needs is like finding a needle in a haystack.

That's exactly what the Christy Ng's June Tote Bag is made for. It's made with a cut that's large enough to carry your daily essentials and other extras. Generously sized, the loosely structured silhouette of this top handle tote fits everything you need for the day without looking bulky & out of place. It also has handy pockets inside for your smaller articles that are designed to not get mixed up & lost among your other belongings. So you won't have to be rummaging around your bag just to look for that little something.

This classy and spacious shopper tote is made from textured vegan leather with top handles that are sized to sit comfortably on your shoulder. Which means you won't have to worry about lugging an extra dumbbell around your shoulders all day. Instead, you'll be feeling quite the opposite as you'll look pretty put together with the minimalist design and a subtle golden embossed of the Christy Ng logo. To top it all off, there's even a magnetic strap closure for keeping everything in there secure & safe.

The neutral tones of this versatile tote bag will also coordinate beautifully with almost any outfit so you won't have to lose a drop of sweat thinking about what you're going to pair this bag with.

5. Colby Handbag

Looking for something a little more versatile? The Christy Ng's Colby Handbag could be just the thing with its seamless design and the comfortable soft and textured vegan leather. Instead of hauling many different bags for work & casual use, why not be able to have one for both?

And the Colby Handbag fits the bill perfectly with its unparalleled flexibility. It opens to a spacious inside with a secure & quality zip pocket to keep your small items organized. (And a zipper that isn't going to snap after a handful of uses) An office-appropriate bag should have sufficient room to carry all your work essentials but still being compact enough to be worn with elegance. The Colby bag is chic & vogue which means you'll be carrying it around with confidence fully knowing you have a head-turner handbag.

It also comes with a pair of sleek & slim top handles with a seriously convenient detachable strap. which you can attach or remove to go hands-free for the weekend. So if you're a fan of the capsule wardrobe, then this is a bag that's a must-have especially with its modern classy design.

The roomy top handle bag comes with gold feet to protect the base from scratches and the insides are lined with twill textured fabric which means you'll be owning this beauty for a long time to come without worrying about wear & tear.

6. Jean Handbag

Having a round of reliable workplace staples means being able to pick the right bags which doesn’t just look good but also stands firm against daily travels, work trips, children drop-offs, and wherever life decides to take you next. And the Jean Mini handbag does that beautifully, with one of the most impressive aspects being the practicality of the bag. It’s been tailored so it resists tipping when setting it down - making it an excellent choice for a lightly structured bag design.

The versatile bag comes with a firm vegan leather make on the outer and a smooth lining with contrasting colours inside. It also comes with an interior patch pocket for you to easily separate your small items, purse and keys. There's also a well-placed magnetic button closure so your items are secure in this open top handbag and it comes with a goldtone polish!

The Jean handbag also comes with a single top handle with detachable and adjustable shoulder straps so it'll be perfect for you from work to play.

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