6 Shoe Trends The Minimalist, Stylish Crowd Are Really Into Right Now

6 Shoe Trends The Minimalist, Stylish Crowd Are Really Into Right Now

Shoes Make The Outfit

People often think that being minimalist stops at your clothes choice but it easily goes further than that. Specifically, your shoes can do a lot more than you think to your look. It’s the way people ‘perceive’ your look as the eyes are naturally going to be drawn from head to toe.

You can have all the right stuff thrown on top but if your shoe choice is a little too loud, it instantly takes away from the whole look. You could argue that the shoes might even be the most important piece of fully pulling off the minimalist look.

1. Megan Strappy Low Heels

Having the right pair of low heels are some of the best go-to’s in your minimalist rotation. It’s sleek, low-maintenance, & really easy-to-wear - could you ask for any more? The Megan Strappy Low Heels are a versatile pair you'll find yourself wearing a whole lot year-round.

This pair of strappy thongs are handmade from some of the finest materials for the softest vegan leather your heels have ever felt. It also sits comfortably on a subtle but stylish 2-inch block heel that provides just enough height. We added a specifically placed cushioned area on the footbed for maximum comfort.

You just can’t beat the simplicity of having a whole selection of neutral colour palettes to choose from. With every new piece you add to your collection simply elevates your entire wardrobe style. Pair these strappy low heels with a pair of your favourite jeans for a look that’s ready to go both professionally and personally. That’s the best part of going minimalist with your fashion - actual versatility. You’re able to switch over from work to street chic with minimal changes to your outfit.

Or pair it with a flattering pencil skirt for an air of elegance to your minimalist look. After all, it’s one of the top looks you can sport in a corporate setting with its timeless style. The possibilities are endless with the pencil skirt paired with the strappy low heels from a high-performing businesswoman to an elegant ladylike look or classic vintage.

2. Alita Slip In Mules

There’s something about the right pair of mules that makes for an instant classy upgrade. Simply slip your feet into a pair and you just start acting differently. And the Alita Slip in Mules is the best of its kind.

Designed with slim symmetrical straps cut in a way that creates an elegant barely-there look which just adds to your minimalistic look. These comfy slip in mules come with oversized squared-off toe in all of this season's trending shades. It’s also set on a 2.5-inch cylindrical block heel, these low mules are handcrafted from soft vegan leather straps that elegantly frames the foot. The padded footbed means you can comfortably wear them for hours.

To accentuate your figure from shoulders to the floor, pair them with a skirt that falls on or just above the knees to emphasize your natural curves while conveniently creating a perception of height.

For a more free-flowing look, pair it with a maxi dress and the right bag for that relaxed & casual style with the mules making a seriously classy finish. In fact, the Alita Slip In Mules is probably perfect to add to just about any laidback, chic outfits for that extra depth to your ensemble.

3. Becca Pleated Slides

Sometimes all you need is a little flair to really make your outfit and the cute pleated detail on the Becca’s are perfect for this - especially if you have a minimalist wardrobe! Imagine dressing up in a monochromatic single palette outfit with sleek fabrics - wearing a pair of pleated flats like these would totally make the look.

That’s because these are exactly the kind of pieces style-maestros are always looking for, good essentials.

These comfy slip ins are made with thick foam cushioning and features a pleated strap detail that keeps your feet really cool and cosy. We also made these flats with an intricate microfiber lining that’s super breathable so you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing a ‘stylish’ shoe just by virtue of being that comfortable! It also means it’s basically perfect for everyday use.

These open-toed flats sit on a 0.25-inch block heel that’s carefully crafted to professional standards. So you can simply slip these on during errands and casual Sundays without looking like you just woke up from bed. You might even find yourself accidentally creating certain looks without even realizing it because of how well these flats balance the line between casual & being fashion-forward.

4. Drew Strappy Sliders

This chic shoe style features a barely-there strap detail that’s not just sexy but has a magical quality of being flattering for virtually any type of feet! That’s the amazing thing about sliders, it’s just so simple & lacks any sort of flashy glam that it just fits right into your day-to-day. It’s truly a sandal for those who are a fan of timeless and season-less basics.

If there’s one thing that’s true about the minimalist style - it stays really far away from the ‘overly dressy’ look. And having a pair of strappy sandals are basically the perfect thing for it. It goes with dresses, shorts, jeans and skirts. No matter what you have in your wardrobe, you’ll always find a fit that goes well with the Drew Sliders.

And the best part? You’ll actually look pretty good even on your most casual days. To top it off, the Drew Strappy Sliders come in all the right colour hues which are so versatile, it’ll work with virtually any outfit!

These square toe flats come with a plush quilted finish and sit on a really smooth vegan fibre insole with a 0.25-inch heel. So there’ll be the added comfort factor to the already perfect slider. If you’re the no-fuss type, then these are the exact type of sandals you’ll never want to throw out of your collection.

5. Daria Pleated Mules

You can’t get any more minimalist than the throw-on-and-go backless mules. And the Daria Pleated Mules takes the effortless nature of mules to the next level with its elegant pleated upper design. It's exactly the kind of shoes that gives off the impression that you’re someone with a serious eye for style but you’re barely trying.

What used to be a little tricky to pull off back in the day is now a trend-forward staple for every modern lady. You might even find the mules a seriously fun pair to style with as it truly gives your outfit a significant lift with its grown-up, sensual touch.

And since it’s a backless shoe, you’ll get to show off your ankles while still staying low-key. You won’t have to worry about support thanks to the curvy 3.5-inch heel. Giving you enough height without coming anywhere close to being uncomfortable. It’s made with a padded insole and a microfiber lining designed specifically for a cosy, seamless fit.

The best part about mules is they’ve been a persistently in-fashion pair of shoes for quite a number of seasons and that’s not about to go away anytime soon. Owning a pair of the Daria Pleated Mules means you’ll be having a pair of shoes that’s in touch with what’s coming out of the runway every season but still keeping it casual.

Style it with a carefree, flowy dress for a feminine polished look with personality or your favourite denim for a fresh new take on a casual classic.

6. Alexa Chunky Low Heel

One concern of going minimalist is you run the risk of being too muted with your choices so the challenge is how do you play it subtly without sacrificing style? The Alexa Chunky Low Heels was literally made for this very dilemma. This pair of handmade heels feature a classic 2-inch chunky heel that takes things up a notch but still keeps it chic.

The front of this heel comes with a square make and a soft take on its edges for a feminine touch. Which makes it an incredible pick for all your ‘official’ looks to stay fashionable without looking out of place.

The ankle straps on it means more security with a reliable rubber insole and zero platform in the front. So you’ll definitely be strutting differently in these with its dialled up style factor thanks and its additional degree of ease.

These low heels come with all the trending neutral shades of the season which means they’re going to be perfect for pretty much any occasion - professional or casual. Pair it with your work outfits for a little flair or with your dinner plans & date nights for an adorable touch to your look without being too ‘fancy’. It’s the kind of shoes you’ll find yourself constantly coming back to for when you need to dress it up while keeping your look classy & elegant.

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