If Your Style Is Starting to Feel Ancient, Try These 5 Elegant Updates

If Your Style Is Starting to Feel Ancient, Try These 5 Elegant Updates

What you wear and how you style speaks volumes about your personality as a person. The clothes you wear and the way you present yourself is more than just simply a matter of fashion. It’s not about how good you’ll look on the runway, but the attire choices you make are always telling a story about you. Now, whether that story is flattering to you or not is what we’re here to talk about!

Really when you think about it, the way you dress changes as you age & as you go through different phases of your life. So if you’re planning a solid wardrobe clean-up from the inside out, that’s definitely a thought worth carrying. After a while, every woman reaches a point where they begin to notice that they’ve indeed been holding back on the style department for a little too long. And sometimes, you really do have to look the part before real life starts catching up.

And what better way to overhaul your fashion than to start with the basics! Keep it chic & elegant effortlessly with 5 of our top essential picks right here.

1. Rosy Raspberry Canvas Tote + Mask Bundle

We’re sure everyone could use an upbeat boost of colour during these testing times & the various gleeful tonal colours of this bundle might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Taking a page of inspiration from the all-time favourite drink of Malaysians, the Christy Ng's Rosy Raspberry Tote Bag evokes the refreshing flavour of the sirap bandung.

There’s a special attraction with a combination of colours like these - which is why it will be an astounding change in your style once you start sporting them outside. It’s not just a new bag, it’s a completely new you!

Trying to pull off a complete head-to-toe look is often a huge task in itself. Especially with the sheer lack of brag-worthy accessories available out there. And since our style should be a way of expressing yourself no matter what or how you’re feeling in the day, the lack of choices can be frustrating.

The Rosy Raspberry Canvas Tote with the matching Mask is a literal breath of fresh air into your closet as these colours are about as expressive as they come!

Going out with your friends? Or simply taking a stroll on a casual Friday evening? Pair the tote bag & mask with a simple, casual outfit for adding a friendly & personable touch to your whole look. Being laid-back means lighter colours, pastels and minimal bling, so having a fun splash of colour instantly elevates your style.

Or maybe there’s actually a fun and flirty self hiding inside of you? Show off your cute side with the Tote Bag & Mask for a bold, fun look while still staying classy.

2. Berlin Mini Canvas Tote Bag

If it feels like no matter where you look, you’re in a spot where you just don’t have a bag that spells out “new”. Maybe you’ve drained your creative tank of all the possible matches with everything in your wardrobe or maybe you’re just sick of having to go through the whole 9 yards of a closet overhaul.

Whichever it is, the practical Berlin Mini Canvas Tote Bag will be an exciting new addition to your look this 2021. Leave your backpacks & laptops at home & opt into the trend of mini bags with this elegant masterpiece. No need to spend hours window-browsing numerous bags & thinking about how it’s going to match with what you have.

This Mini Canvas Tote Bag is the kind of baby that’s so versatile, you can easily throw it on with almost any outfit and still give off the impression that you spent much longer planning your outfit.

And what makes it exceptional is just how functional it is.

The bag is made with a generously spaced interior that’s literally made for daily use with enough compartments & space for everything you need.

Inside, you'll find a handy slip pocket to compartmentalize and separate your smaller knick-knacks. You also have another cosy slip pocket on the outside that’s sized well enough for your phone. We used a high-quality magnetic closure for keeping your stuff in place & secure. Plus, it makes reaching for them a total breeze. There’s also a super-adjustable shoulder strap that you can detach so you can customize it for your every need!

3. Emery Pointy Mules

Adding a touch of glitz to your day-to-day style shouldn’t have to be all laborious or time-consuming. Sometimes it can really take just a single accessory to introduce a punch of personality into your look, which is exactly what the Emery Pointy Mules are!

These minimalist slip in mules are just the thing to bring your fashion to new heights. Just take a moment to see what makes an excellent Oscar, red-carpet-worthy outfit; a long designer gown with a 5-6 figure price tag, gorgeous but subtle makeup, sparkling jewellery and - the perfect pair of heels which basically makes the look.

We’re not sure about the designer gown or the shiny bling but we’re pretty positive owning a pair of heels this fabulous is definitely going to turn more than a few heads on the street. Especially since the Emery Mules does most of the heavy lifting.

Plus, they come with a generously low vamp with a sensual V-cut that just compliments your entire look. Low shoe vamps help a ton with the elongation effect and make you appear taller or make your legs look longer. This is especially great when paired with a skirt or dress of literally any length or with the right pair of pants.

And you can’t get any more elegant than these, the Emery has a pointed covered toe with a very desirable 2" low heel that gives you the perfect amount of lift. It also comes with a variety of seriously easy-to-match colours in neutral hues that make the perfect wardrobe staples (& you won’t have to worry about these clashing with any of your other favourite pieces!)

4. Alexa Chunky Low Heel

Ditch all of your old heels & make room for one of the most underrated types of heels - low block heels. The Alexa Low Heels takes on the seasons latest trending shades with a classy take. So if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that’s not just low maintenance, but also doesn’t cut back on style - this is it.

The low heels aren’t just a stylish option but it's a far more practical option that actually makes sense to be worn virtually every day. But it definitely helps that the Alexa Chunky Low Heels really steps it up in the visual department. Whether you’re shooting for a street-chic vibe or a more lady-like look, the Alexa delivers.

On top of the subtle & comfortable straps, the pair also comes with a square front that’s designed to be so comfortable, it’s going to make your feet feel like it’s a second home.

It’s also an open toe design which means they’re going to be one of those pairs you’ll be using plenty of as it’s great for both work & play. You can make a statement at work with a pencil skirt or classic tapered pants. Either way, these are a pair of heels that’s going to look good & incredibly comfortable.

5. Alita Slip In Mules

Heels can sometimes be a tough sell due to their reputation with women’s heels & ankles everywhere. But that’ll be the last thing you think about now that you’re here. Looking good doesn’t have to come with a hidden price tag.

The Alita Slip In Mules has an iconic touch to it that’s the type of elegance that lasts forever. Mules have an extensive cultural connection from way back to when only members of the royal family would wear mules as indoor loungewear. Which associated the backless with a timeless appeal for its elegance.

The comfy Alita Slip-Ins are designed with slim symmetric straps that create a subtle & barely-there look. We made the classic essentials in the season’s hottest colour shades so you can be sure that these are going to be relevant year-round.

If you’re wearing these to work, be ready for a sure change in how everyone around treats you as the Alita’s were also made with sophistication & class in mind. It’s one of those shoes that just elevates your whole look to a polished & very put-together look without getting in the way of your personal style.

They’re also set on a comfy 2.5 inch cylindrical block heel and handcrafted from soft vegan leather straps that excellently frames the foot. Oh and we made sure the footbed was actually padded - which means you can comfortably wear these for hours and still be totally fine.

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