Step into a world where opulence intertwines with chromatic bliss, where each piece in this exceptional collaboration encapsulates the very essence of self-expression. Inspired by Jotun's legendary pigments, the collection showcases an exquisite trio of hues: Jotun Blue, Jotun Red and Jotun Yellow.


The signature monogram, meticulously embellished with Jotun's iconic colours, exudes a captivating allure — vibrant colours that infuse life into every moment.


Embark on a kaleidoscopic adventure, where the act of adding colours to your life becomes an expression of your individuality and an ode to the sheer brilliance of existence; a symphony of captivating chromatic lustre.


  1. This redemption is only valid for the purchase of Jotun paints worth above RM 500 from authorized dealer stores.


    This redemption only includes the Christy Ng X Jotun Exclusive Tote Bag for free, not inclusive of any Shipping Fees or any add-on such as personalisation. Payment of the shipping costs will be required for us to ship the order to your doorstep.


    Redemption orders will not be processed if the terms and conditions above are not fulfilled or submission is incomplete.





    Valid for purchases from 22 December 2023 to 28 Feb 2024 only. While stocks last.


Create your redemption order through the button below. You will need to submit your purchase receipt for validation. If you wish to personalise your bag, just click add name. There will be an additional charge of $8 USD for the embroidery service. Only orders that meet the T&Cs will be processed and shipped out.