Every One Of These Accessories Need To Be On Your 2021 Wishlist

Every One Of These Accessories Need To Be On Your 2021 Wishlist

The 7 Accessories You’ll Want To Be Seen In This Fall

We’re entering a new time of the year and we’ve been looking forward to the new exciting pieces to come in the coming season. Specifically for the accessories that are worth investing in which can sustain us till the end year and for many more seasons to come!

1. Chandler Shoulder Bag

The Shoulder bag is having a glorious resurgence this season, and we're happy to announce we’ve brought it back as we can tell that these are definitely here to stay. In the coming months, you can expect various reproductions & variants of the bag from small compact sized to bigger, more versatile ones.

Shopping for bags is both equal parts frightening & exciting, it’s a gorgeous statement piece that can be used timelessly but there’s no denying the sheer disappointment from buying something that just seems to fall apart part by part with every use. It can feel like a punch in the guy especially if it was on the pricier side.

Christy Ng's Chandler Shoulder Bag has a structured silhouette with ample space for your daily essentials. This shoulder bag is crafted using soft vegan leather in a sleek minimalist silhouette. The front flap opens up into a spacious interior with one zip pocket and 2 slip pockets to organize your belongings. Monogram your name below the external zip pocket at the back of the bag. This bag is perfect for daily use or special occasions. It also makes the perfect accessory for this holiday season.

2. Harley Satin Mules

If there was a pair of shoes that embodied the very meaning of the word glamorous, it's the Christy Ng’s Harley Satin Mules. With a cut & design of the kind of shoes you only wear to cocktail events, these were carefully made to be perfect for everyday use!

This means you can now be sporting an elegant stunner on your feet, easily upgrading every single one of your fits - without needing the excuse of wearing a fancy dress. How much better could you have it.

Christy Ng's Harley Satin Mules are the type of style that you can rely on for seasons to come with its material being handcrafted from smooth satin. The uppers are carefully pleated and folded with a twist that accentuates the lustrous finish of the classy satin. If you’ve ever heard of the saying, ‘Own the runway’, that will basically be you each time you sport the Harley Satins. Cut in a classic slip-in silhouette, this pair of mules sit on a comfortable 3-inch heel that is slightly curved for a sculptural touch.

Just because it’s been designed to be exquisitely worn for your day-to-day, don’t be pulled away from considering it as an actual option for fancy dress events! Alternatively, you can wear yours with your favourite pants or denim’s for an elegant office look.

3. Khloe Braided Flats

You may have noticed the recent trends on runways & designer fashion brands with the rise of slippers & slides. It seems like the fashion world is taking a page from the comfy theme and are choosing to run with it for quite a while with comfort-themed brands selling out left and right, it seems like the world of stylists & fashionistas isn’t in a hurry to surrender the comfort from their wardrobe.

The Christy Ng's Khloe Slip In Flats is made from soft and durable vegan leather for maximal cosiness. It features an alluring braided strap detail across the foot for paramount flair while still keeping the overall tone subtle enough for casual wear.

The pointy toe silhouette of these flats sits comfortably on a 0.25-inch block heel that you can wear all day long. It was virtually made to be just like indoor footwear - just with a whole lot more style & outdoor utility. The breathable microfiber lining makes it almost addictive & you might find yourself going back to these time and time again as it’s super flexible to match almost any outfit.

Pair them with a flowy skirt or a straighter cut bottom wear for a Sunday grocery haul or a quick business meeting.

4. Flower Power Fashion Mask

We’re bringing face masks in vogue, with the right styling and impeccable quality control so we’re not compromising on the safety - it’s possible to still be looking like a stunner even if you’re wearing a different face mask every day. The Flower Power fashion mask is a design that’s going to be your new favourite to your face mask collection.

Who says you can’t add a dash of colour & fun into fall with riding on the floral-print trend. Be ready to embrace your inner lady with the joy and romance of the brightly coloured floral mask design. With soft pastel colours and vibrant hues, it’s styled to bring out a touch of femininity to your fits no matter if it's pants, mini-dresses, or skirts!

This disposable face mask is made using hypoallergenic medical grade material that lessens chafing against your cheeks. The comfortable and elastic ear loop means that you can wear this mask all day long without worrying about breaking or pain. This printed mask provides 3 layers of protection that comply with ASTM Level III certification. This mask set makes a perfect, thoughtful gift.

These masks are medically certified and comply with medical standards with UV sterilization and are produced in a class-100k cleanroom environment.

  • UV-C germicidal sterilized
  • Medical grade material
  • ASTM F2100 Level III
  • EN14683 type IIR
  • Made in Malaysia by an ISO Certified company
  • Pack of 10 masks

5. Jolie Strappy Mules

Mules are the ultimate footwear essential and having it paired with something as sophisticated and tantalizing as a barely-there, strappy detail makes this pair a season must-have. If you belong in the small crowd of diligent fashion-forward people, you’d already have a concrete picture of exactly the kind of accessories you’re planning to splurge on ahead of time.

We implore you to shift things around so these downright fabulous, strappy "naked" sandals top your list because they deserve to be there.

The Christy Ng's Jolie Strappy Mules features foot-friendly details like slim overlapping straps while sitting on a trending square-toe silhouette with slim but wide geometrical heels. They’re exactly the type of cute shoes that inspire the fantasy of taking ambitious moves both in the workplace and your daily life - no planning required.

These mules favour an elegant yet minimal design that’s handmade from supple vegan leather that is going to make your feet feel just like at home & you won’t ever feel like taking them out.

6. Lucia Ruched Hobo Bag

While tiny bags are cute, slightly larger-sized options are the epitome of a dazzling sense of style that’s suited for every occasion. How long are you going to hold off on the bigger items you need for a spontaneous outdoor adventure? The Christy Ng's Lucia Ruched Hobo Bag also has an impressive versatility like no other which is practically unmatchable.

This is easily one of the key bags to own this year with its fast-growing trend among the stylish crowd. The Lucia Hobo Bag is styled with a top handle that’s gracefully ruched and scrunched for a signature impression you need with any hobo bag worth owning.

Made from soft vegan leather, this bag is perfectly sized to carry your daily essentials and more. Keep your belongings organized with the 2 internal slip pockets and use the zip pocket for items such as your keys and cards. This hobo bag stands on its own with the flat-based bottom. Fold-down the top handle to use it as a clutch. Wear this versatile piece with almost anything from your wardrobe.

7. Mae Pochette Shoulder Bag

We said it & we really do mean it - 2021 is the year of shoulder bags! The Mae Pochette is another refined & luxurious take on the shoulder bag with a seriously aesthetic gold chain drop with a polished finish.

With very special attention being paid to ornamenting every detail from the silhouettes to the custom hardware, the Christy Ng's Mae Pochette Shoulder Bag is your new favourite go-to bag when you need a splash of youthful vigour & just the tiniest bit of ‘couture-sque’ feel to your look.

It’s everything you want in a bag that takes virtually any outfit ten notches higher no matter the season. Crafted from durable vegan leather, this practical pochette is fitted with an internal zip pocket and has enough space for your cell phone, wallet, keys, and all your other essentials.

Detach the adjustable shoulder strap to carry it as a clutch with the shorter strap. It also comes with a detachable quick-access pouch to keep your cards and small items in place. The two tones mean you can wear it whichever side matches your outfit best.

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