8 Accessory Trends That's Going to Dominate The Rest of 2021

8 Accessory Trends That's Going to Dominate The Rest of 2021

Behold, The 8 Most Fashion-forward Fashion Accessories of The Year

That’s right, we’re calling it. Take it from us, we spend too much of our time reading fashion newsletters and scrolling prominent fashion accounts in search of the next thing that’s going to blow up.

These are some of the top looks you’re about to see a whole lot more on your social media in the coming months.

1. Jolie Strappy Mules

Simple, chic and if you look hard enough, these are exactly the kind of low heels you’d spot the fashionistas of TikTok & Instagram wearing. How does an uncomplicated & minimal design be such an it-girl favourite?

Versatility. That’s what.

Christy Ng's Jolie Strappy Mules is just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for something flexible & seriously pair-worthy with virtually everything you own. Handmade from supple vegan leather, these slip-in mules have slim overlapping straps that comfortably wrap your feet.

When they’re not wearing their signature monokinis & show-stopping dresses, influencers always turn to key essentials nonstop regardless if it’s the Spring/Summer season or the Winter/Autumn season. It's just the way it goes, when you’re chilling, you look for chill pieces to pair & rotate with the rest of your low-effort but impressively eye-catching capsule wardrobe.

The devil has always been in the details and if you’ve been trying to pull off casual pieces after seeing your favourite fashionista sport it in her latest post, then you can relate to how frustrating it can get.

It’s always the little things. These barely-there strappy mules sit on a trending square-toe silhouette with slim but wide geometrical heels which is what we’re talking about when we mean details. Your cheap knock-off heels from the supermarket discount store will never come close due to the vast difference in sheer comfort & craftsmanship that only high-end designers will catch from a mile away.

Style these comfy slip-ins with everything you have from your favourite pair of denim to your go-to skirts.

2. Capri Woven Bag

The woven bag is yet another bag that’s practically destined for internet stardom with its classic crisscross pattern. One look at what early 2021 has been giving us in trending handbag designs can easily tell you that the woven style is an easy winner. But the trick is finding the one which you can actually wear on a day to day without needing to buy a whole wardrobe to go with it because of how unpairable it is to 90% of everything you own.

The Christy Ng's Capri Woven Bag is the best thing you can do as a gold-standard fashion accessory investment for your collection. Made from soft vegan leather, the zip closure unfastens to reveal a spacious interior with a zipped pocket and slip pocket. Use it as a top handle bag with the puffy and comfy handle or detach it and sling the adjustable shoulder strap to use it hands-free.

And if the sheer convenience & runway-worthy design doesn’t suffice, the couture top handle ‘puffy’ look will stay stuck in all your girlfriends minds as they look at how impeccable you style statement pieces into your casual outfits effortlessly.

Unlike many bags that’re made to look good, this one is actually something you can actually use daily. The woven top handle bag is perfectly sized to store your priority knick-knacks like your short wallet, phone and handy cardholders. If you’re feeling it, go ahead & complete your look with our woven shoe collection.

3. Khloe Braided Flats

When I’m shopping for new clothes, I always have a list - maybe I’ll get a couple of dresses, a few tops, scarves and maybe even a cute pair of pants.

But when it comes to buying shoes, I have a confession to make - your girl has no limit. It's the only piece in my wholeheartedly honest opinion - that literally makes the entire outfit! So I have to have my options.

There’s a whole section in my house apportioned just for shoes and I’m proud of it, with a high percentage of them being essentials that are meant to be paired & styled to the latest pieces of the season. And when the team sent me these flats, I knew I was about to have a new pair added to the collection very soon.

The Christy Ng's Khloe Slip In Flats is tailored & handmade to turn basically anything you’re wearing into outfits that are absolute fire. It’s like a complete makeover - but with a single accessory piece.

These comfy slip ins are handmade from soft and durable vegan leather and feature braided strap details across to keep your feet cool and secure. The pointy toe silhouette of these flats sits comfortably on a 0.25-inch block heel that you can wear all day long. It also comes with a breathable microfiber lining that makes it the ultimate pair for everyday use. The possibilities are endless when paired with your favourite pair of denim or skirt.

4. Daniela Tote Bag Set

If you’ve been eyeing a handbag for a while now but haven’t been able to get your hands on it because it sold out the moment you got the chance to shop it? Ahem, we saw that coming a mile away. It’s a combination of a borderline unhealthy obsession with what’s about to blow up & a well-nurtured taste for the timeless & minimal look.

When you’ve spent as many years in the industry as we have, some things just don’t surprise you anymore. The Christy Ng’s Daniela Tote Bag Set comes from a collection that boasts the season's top trending colour shades with handmade craftsmanship that’s beyond perfect for your 2021 fits.

And when it comes to handbag sets that you can not just use with ease, but actually be able to show off your immaculate fashion sense - the Christy Ng's Daniela Tote Bag Set is designed just for you. This ultra-practical bag set is made from textured vegan leather and consists of a large tote bag, a large crossbody pouch and a cardholder.

The tote bag comes with 2 internal slip pockets and a zip pocket to store and organize your smaller belongings. The large crossbody pouch can be used hands-free with the detachable shoulder strap on busier days. Organize and store your coins, cash and cards with the cardholder that comes in this set. And did we mention? The neutral shades of this collection can be easily matched with anything in your wardrobe.

5. Becca Pleated Slides

Slides aren’t just reserved for housemakers & actresses getting their Sunday coffees. Designed the right way, The Christy Ng’s Becca Pleated Slides is the kind of undemanding & easy-peasy type of footwear that’s not just counterintuitive but also kind of perfectly fits the mold of a style where it looks like you didn’t even try.

Every few seasons, there will always be a trend that bubbles up which leaves the rest of the regular world people in awe & slightly confused. Sometimes it’s just downright impractical and other times they’re just lucky spinoffs. But this particular trend of casualwear with sliders as a fashion piece is definitely appropriate & will be here to stay for many seasons to come.

These slip-in sliders are handcrafted from soft fabric that is carefully pleated. The 0.25-inch block heel and thick foam cushioning all around the footbed provides full support for you to wear them all day long. Slip them on with anything from your favourite pair of denim to floaty skirts and dresses.

6. Viva Pouch

Here’s an accessory that you don’t even have to leave the house to use & maybe even get addicted to. It’s not just unbelievably adorable but it’s also flat-out realistic with it’s usage. Forget the cute pouches spouted by knock-off factories & low standard accessory mills which barely fits the bill of looking the part - but are also unusable. And not forgetting the fact that they’re difficult to use and fall apart after just a handful of uses.

Christy Ng's Viva Pouch will keep you organized for your daily run. Crafted from the same textured vegan leather as the Daniela Tote Bag Set, this handy pouch opens up into a spacious interior that fits your small essentials. The internal zip and slip pockets keep all your cards and coins secure. Slip this pouch into your Daniela Tote Bag or carry it cross-body with Daniela Tote Bag's detachable shoulder strap.

7. Lucia Ruched Hobo Bag

If you ever laid eyes on a cool handbag that just looks the part exceedingly well, it’s because the bag was made to be precisely that way. Most bags you see in stores are made for ends of the spectrum. They’re either way too downtoned and outdated or simply way too loud with zero possibilities of you even wanting to be seen in public with it.

When you see someone with a look that’s just so put together - it’s because the entire fit has been orchestrated that way. And that orchestration isn’t as complex as you’d imagine, the secret lies in owning a few right pieces that you can fall onto & rotate as the seasons come and go.

These are pieces that've been made to last for seasons & the fleeting trends. The Christy Ng's Lucia Ruched Hobo Bag has a top handle that is ruched and scrunched. Made from soft vegan leather that is carefully ruffled, this bag is perfectly sized to carry your daily essentials and more.

Keep your belongings organized with the 2 internal slip pockets and use the zip pocket for items such as your keys and cards. This hobo bag stands on its own with the flat-based bottom. Fold-down the top handle to use it as a clutch. Wear this versatile piece with almost anything from your wardrobe.

8. Christy Ng’s Flower Power Face Mask

Yes, it is possible to look adorable with a face mask on and no, you don’t have to ‘self-customized’ your masks to make it happen. You’re in good hands because we’ve created a whole collection of Christy Ng’s exclusives in our face mask collection here.

And topping the list of our favourites is the surgical grade, disposable Flower Power Face Mask!

Christy Ng’s Flower Power Surgical Facemask is a fashion face mask that does not compromise on safety. Crafted from this season’s pastel floral prints, this surgical-grade face mask is soft and lightweight.

This disposable face mask is made using hypoallergenic medical grade material that lessens chafing against your cheeks. The comfortable and elastic ear loop means that you can wear this mask all day long without worrying about breaking or pain.

This printed mask provides 3 layers of protection that complies with ASTM Level III certification. It’s the perfect, thoughtful gift that’s neutral & not having to worry about specific tastes as it’s an acceptable gift no matter their personality!

These masks are medically certified and comply with medical standards with UV sterilization and produced in a class-100k cleanroom environment.

  • UV-C germicidal sterilized
  • Medical grade material
  • ASTM F2100 Level III
  • EN14683 type IIR
  • Made in Malaysia by an ISO Certified company
  • 10 pieces of masks

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